Hi! My name is Jonathan Carroll. I'm a...

Visual Designer

and ❰ Front End Developer /❱

I have a HUGE passion for design and the code that makes it all work. I literally dream in "Code" & "Color".


About This Guy
⚔ Designer & Developer ⚔

picture of the designer jonathan carroll
picture of the designer jonathan carroll
picture of the designer jonathan carroll
  • Name: Jonathan Carroll
  • Date of birth: 10 Aug 1982
  • Address: Wake Forest, N.C.
  • Phone: (919) 308 6969
  • Email: webdeveloper@jonathanlcarroll.com
  • Nationality: American
  • Hobbies: ➀ Fitness. ➁ Art and Code ➂ Learning something new.


The opportunity to become part of a team of people whose main focus everyday is developing awesome user-facing functionality and design. Creating intuitive interaction in the browser allowing the user to relax, surf and easily find what they are looking for in the most visually pleasing way. Joining a group of others who share the same passion for development, design and user experience.

What I Do ?

Refining my craft as a Visual Designer and Front End Developer for the last 9 years has been quite an awesome learning experience. Researching, gathering inspiration and creating something that can catch the eye and promote positive stimulation is how I approach every design project. Taking a project from a simple sketch to a fully realized masterpiece where the end result is not only gorgeous and functional, but also solves a problem. The product is tailored to fit the user first and foremost because it was created with care and is a result of constant iterations based on user feedback every step of the way. Creating beautiful UI so crisp and sleek that it makes you wonder how it was done.

It's not all about the design for me though. I'm not sure why, but I have this programmer inside who is screaming to get out. Find myself opening up chrome developer tools even when I'm searching for restaurants to eat at. I can't help it. It's a need, not just a want. A perfect job for me would be one where I am allowed to create amazing user interfaces that inspire and are appreciated, while still being able to assist with bringing it to life through code. I thrive on an Agile team where sprint planning and retrospective are mandatory and often. Through many projects and designs I've developed a keen eye for detail and take pride in every piece of code or design that has my name on it. Working with others who are creative and passionate about what they do is what its all about for me. On days off I tend to explore areas of interest such as designing and creating my own JavaScript and HTML5 games.

  • Bring concepts to life with ❮Code/❯
  • Iterate to Improve
  • User Centered Design
  • Improve UX
  • Creating Responsive Experiences
  • Enhance Visual Experience



  • 2014-2016

    Bachelor degree

    BA in Interactive Media & Design, Living Arts College, Raleigh, NC

    Coursework in Social Media Marketing, Photo Compositing, WordPress, Responsive Web Development, Video Editing in Adobe Premiere, Animation in Adobe Edge and Game Development & Design in JavaScript.

  • 2009-2011

    Associates Degree

    Associate in Applied Science, Digital Audio Production & Design , Living Arts College, Raleigh, NC

    Coursework in digital audio production, web graphics, animiation and principles of design.


  • 8/17-Current

    Front End Developer

    Fidelity Investments / Veritude, Durham NC

    I build reactive and dynamic applications that are focused on the Front End User and highly data driven. Utilizing the webs core languages...HTML5, CSS3/Sass and JavaScript, my focus is to design and build out Angular components running on top of Node.js to create custom directives in such a way that they are reusable throughout the project. I have worked as part of a future solutions team that is extremely "agile" focused and practices the "SCRUM" approach on a daily basis.

  • 01/16-7/17

    Website Designer-Multimedia Developer (contractor)

    Global Knowledge, Cary NC

    Building web templates using the latest in HTML, CSS/Sass, JavaScript, React.js and more for various company wide projects. Creating components in react.js to allow for a more efficient and modular workflow with respect to the ui/ux of web applications.

    Clearly communicating team assignments in an Agile environment where tasks are labeled and prioritized to provide full transparency to every team member.

    Managing image libraries as well as other daily web publisher administrative tasks.

  • 11/15-12/15

    Website Designer

    Love at Lash - Eyelash Spa, Raleigh NC

    Designed & Developed current site. Launched December 2015. Increased site responsiveness by 100%, triggering growth within mobile market.

  • 06/15-09/15

    Web/Graphic Design Intern

    1-800-Pack-Rat, Wake Forest NC

    Headed up poster designs, HTML forms & web animations. Increased company visibility by 60% during Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social media campaign.

  • 11/14-08/15

    UI Designer

    Film in a Year, Raleigh NC

    Member of a large team that created high tech screen replacements & animation prep for a Sci-Fi film. Utilized After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator to complete projects ahead of scheduled time frame.

  • 09/14-11/14

    Website Designer

    Lumpy's Ice Cream, Wake Forest NC

    Developed company website, skyrocketing online visibility & social media saturation by 95%.

  • 01/11-05/11

    Entry Level Graphic Designer

    Cybermedia Marketing, Raleigh NC

    Assisted in designing digital graphics for various clients, to include website mockups for Precious Moments Inc.

  • 02/10-05/11

    Entry Level Graphic Designer

    Susan Buchanan Woodson LLC, Raleigh NC

    Simultaneously managed and completed various web/graphic projects, effectively bringing workload down by 50%.


Adobe Creative Suite

Level 100

HTML5 and CSS/Sass

Level 100


Level 90


Level 75

UI Design

Level 90


Level 100
After Effects

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Love at Lash


Love at Lash


Lumpy's Ice Cream


Lumpy's Ice Cream


Lumpy's Ice Cream


Rage Quit Logo


Rage Quit Box Design


Rage Quit Can Design


Crave Chocolate Shop


Film in a Year


Film in a Year




UI:Instructor/Student Messaging


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Mobile:Lab Integration


Website:Student View

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