Crave Chocolate Cafe

Products: Chocolate, Coffee, Latte, Gift Baskets, Gift Cards, Upscale Chocolate Tastings.


Mission Statement


Crave is a chocolate haven of enticing indulgences. We serve only the finest sweets with our commitment to excellence printed right on every box. “Craves mission is to serve a cut-above-the-rest chocolate delicacies to the public for their enjoyment and satisfaction. Our focus is on quality, not quantity with full commitment to making each bite the same intensity as the next to allow the pleasure of the best bite to be in every single one.” Our goal is to have all of our customers feel as though they have found a place where they can relax and indulge.


Our Business Personality


Crave is classy, upscale and professional, but isn't afraid to be energetic and lively. Besides we are serving the ultimate sugar rush, so it's o.k. to get a little excited and enjoy yourself. We are aggressive when it comes to our chocolate making process but sensitive enough to take constructive criticism which could increase the quality of our product.