Sunshine Pediatrics

Sunshine Pediatrics is located in Smithfield NC. Its goals are to provide medical assistance to children by way of Behavioral Health Consultations, Developmental Assessments, Vaccinations, Scheduled Sick Appointments and any other care their patients may need. They offer professional care with a very personal touch.



Sunshine Pediatrics was already in business. While they had a decent following in the local community, they wanted to expand their reach so that they could help more children feel better and get them back to acting like children again.




I was hired by Sunshine Pediatrics to boost their online presence and help them represent themselves as the professional and caring team that they are. Sunshines site was designed and developed in a way that would adhere to these needs, as well as ensure they were fully mobile ready. This allowed Sunshine's clients to easily find the office and set up appointments with their doctors. The new site triggered growth in overall patients seen by 40% in 2017.